• “We put that money where we knew our members would want it to be, in a cooperative fund.”

    Paul Cultrera, Sacramento Natural Foods, Sacramento, CA

Shared Capital Cooperative offers opportunities for members and social investors to invest in the cooperative economy. By donating and investing in Shared Capital Co-op, investors directly engage in our work, connecting cooperatives and capital and supporting shared economic prosperity and ownership. Investments support local communities that are starting and growing co-ops to create living wage jobs, support sustainable food systems, expand access to healthy foods, provide affordable housing, and developing democratic workplaces and community ownership.

How to Invest

You can make a donation to support cooperative businesses in your community and around the US. In addition, members of Shared Capital Cooperative and institutional investors can invest in our Investment Notes and in Preferred Stock.

Why Invest

Shared Capital Cooperative has a successful 37-year track record of financing cooperatives. Shared Capital has provided over 800 loans to cooperatives totaling over $40 million.

With over 125 investors and donors, supporters of Shared Capital Cooperative are in good company. And by supporting cooperative development together, investors share the risk and help leverage more resources. On average, each dollar from Shared Capital lends to cooperatives helps leverage $7 from other sources.