Family Farms Blossom at The Seattle Wholesale Growers Market

“When the market is filled with people and flowers, there is a contagious feeling that we’ve achieved something really special,” explains Debra Prinzing of Slow Flowers. Eighty percent of the cut flowers sold in the US are imported. The cooperatively owned Seattle Wholesale Growers Market is trying to change that. Located inside the Seattle’s historic…  Read More »

Organic Valley Principle 6 Cooperative Growth Fund Issues First Co-op Loans

The Organic Valley Principle 6 Coopertive Growth Fund recently announced its first loans, approving financing for Lexington Cooperative Market, Linden Hills Co-op, and Dill Pickle Food Co-op. The loans support the expansion of each of the co-ops. Lexington Cooperative Market is building its second store in Buffalo, New York; Linden Hills Co-op is remodeling its store…  Read More »