• “Shared Capital is the gateway for a more successful cooperative sector.”

    Repa Mekha, Shared Capital Board Member and Executive Director, Nexus Community Partners

Invest in a Cooperative Economy

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A Cooperative Economy is an economy built on justice, equity and democracy. Shared Capital offers opportunities for individuals, cooperatives, impact investors, foundations, and others to invest in a just and cooperative economy by investing in Shared Capital. Investments provide capital to finance cooperative expansions, start-ups and conversions for cooperatives that are making a positive impact for their members and their communities.

We have a 40-year track record of successfully financing cooperative expansions, start-ups, and conversions and stewarding investor dollars from cooperatives, individuals, impact investors, government, religious groups, businesses, and foundations.

Investment Options

We’ve created several investment options to meet your investment goals:

Shared Capital Preferred Shares

Type: Shared Capital Class A Preferred Equity
Term: 5 years or more
Return: 5% target annual dividend

An investment in Shared Capital Preferred Shares is the deepest impact investment option because it allows us to leverage more capital.

Shared Capital Notes

Type: Debt
Term and Return:
10-Year Note – 4% annual interest
5-Year Note – 3% annual interest
3-Year Note – 1% annual interest

Investments in our Notes are subordinated, unsecured, fixed-rate, term loans made to Shared Capital. We offer Investment Notes with 3, 5 and 10 year terms. The 3 & 5 year Notes have automatic renewals.

Who Can Invest

This offering is open to all investors – both non-accredited and accredited – with investments starting at $500. This offering may not yet be available in certain states.*

Why Invest in Shared Capital

More and more people are turning to cooperatives as an economic alternative because of growing discontent with the flaws of the US economic system including systemic racism, economic inequities, lack of good jobs, and housing that is out of financial reach to too many.

Cooperatives can flip-the-script on who has economic power and who receives the benefits in our economy. Cooperatives are democratically owned by employees, customers, the community, or other key stakeholders. Cooperatives improve the lives of their members and their communities –creating quality jobs; safe, dignified, and affordable housing; access to healthy foods, and more.

By supporting the formation and expansion of cooperatives, Shared Capital helps communities build more just, inclusive, and equitable local economies. An investment in Shared Capital helps more cooperatives get access to the capital they need.

Shared Capital Cooperative has a successful 40-year track record of financing cooperatives. Shared Capital has provided over 850 loans to cooperatives totaling over $52 million.

The Fine Print

This offering has been qualified by the SEC. Please read our Offering Circular or view or download from the SEC EDGAR site for more information about the details of the offering and the risks of investing.

Based on the current filing, this investment opportunity may not yet be available in your location.

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Texas (unless you are accredited, in which case contact us)

If you are a resident in any of these states, please contact us at for more information.