• Our 40th Anniversary Annual Report is out!

    See our impact, including how 85% of our 17 loans went to co-ops by and for people of color, women, and low-income communities. Click the photo for more.

  • “The best thing about Shared Capital is that they come into the process with a desire to make things work.”

    – Cornelius Blanding, Federation of Southern Cooperatives. Click the photo for more.

  • Anytime Union Taxi of Montgomery County, MD

    We’re going to empower and enrich the disadvantaged people, the drivers. They’ll be driver-owners.” – Peter Ibik, founding member.

  • New Deal Cafe, Greenbelt, Maryland

    New Deal built out their kitchen and purchased equipment for their new location with a loan from Shared Capital.

  • 7th Cooperative Principle: Concern For Community

    Natural Harvest Food Co-op of Virginia, Minnesota, has raised over $60,500 with their “Change Within Reach” round up program since 2014.

  • “It is so powerful to have a place where co-ops of all sizes can get financing.”

    Dana Curtis, Black Star Co-op Pub and Brewery, Austin, Texas

  • “The co-op made it possible to stay in my community.”

    Sue Taylor, Irvington Court, Indianapolis, Indiana

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Connecting Co-ops and Capital

Shared Capital Cooperative is a national CDFI loan fund that connects co-ops and capital to build economic democracy. Working with capital invested by the cooperative sector and its allies, we provide financing for the expansion and startup of cooperatively-owned businesses and housing throughout the United States. We are a cooperative ourselves with over 250 members nation-wide in 35 states who are aligning their needs and goals with each other and their co-operative lender. We understand cooperative capital needs and have supported member-led co-op structures with more than $52 million in loans to cooperatives since 1978.

We believe that cooperatives are an important economic tool for equitable community development and community wealth building. Our financing supports local communities that are starting and growing co-ops to create living wage jobs, support sustainable food systems, expand access to healthy foods, provide affordable housing, and develop democratic workplaces and community ownership.