Recent Borrowers

Cooperative Energy Futures
Minneapolis, Minnesota
$178,000 for community solar projects

Renaissance Community Cooperative
Greensboro, North Carolina
$480,000 for startup food financing

eQuality Homecare
New Braunfels, Texas
$50,000 for worker owned home care

Federation of Southern Cooperatives / Land Assistance Fund
Epes, Alabama
$275,000 working capital line of credit to
association of black farmer cooperatives

Peace Coffee
Minneapolis, Minnesota
$90,000 to buy green coffee from co-ops

Natural Harvest Food Co-op
Virginia, Minnesota
$1,000,000 for expansion and relocation

Lots in Common
Chicago, Illinois
$380,000 to purchase additional house

Doylestown Cooperative
Doylestown, Pennsylvania
$35,000 for buying club

Ridge Side Cooperative
Madison, Wisconsin
$5000 for housing co-op improvements

Good Earth Food Cooperative
St. Cloud, Minnesota
$32,500 for store improvements

Walnut Street Cooperative
Eugene, Oregon
$190,000 for housing co-op refinance

Electric Violin Shop
Durham, North Carolina
$101,000 to convert to worker ownership

New Wine Commune Cooperative
Madison, Wisconsin
$16,000 for housing improvements

East Aurora Cooperative Market
East Aurora, New York
$509,000 startup financing

BisMan Community Food Cooperative
Bismarck, North Dakota
$363,000 startup financing

Seattle Wholesale Growers Market
Seattle, Washington
$75,000 working capital loan for farmer-owned flower market

Sustainergy Cooperative
Cincinnati, Ohio
$30,000 to worker-owned residential contractor for van and equipment

Park Cooperative Apartments
Minneapolis, Minnesota
$51,000 for improvements to housing co-op

Hub City Co-op
Spartanburg, South Carolina
$700,000 startup financing for grocery co-op

Clifton Cooperative Market
Cincinnati, Ohio
$1,095,000 in startup financing for grocery co-op

The Co-op Natural Foods
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
$150,000 for equipment and remodeling

Horizontal Housing Co.
Baltimore, Maryland
$50,000 to purchase and rehab home

Firestorm Café & Books
Asheville, North Carolina
$34,000 to worker co-op for new location

Northwind Natural Foods Co-op
Ironwood, Michigan
$35,000 for equipment and improvements

Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery
Austin, Texas
$44,100 for point-of-sale system and patio canopy

Omega One Ltd.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
$59,170 to housing co-op for renovations

Hendersonville Community Co-op
Hendersonville, North Carolina
$268,777 for food co-op relocation; shared with NCIF and LEAF

NASCO Properties
Athens, Ohio
$310,000 to refinance home and purchase another leased to student housing co-op

Sugar Beet Food Co-op
Oak Park, Illinois
$339,000 startup financing