Cooperative Hall of Fame

Cooperative Hall of Fame “America’s Legacy of Cooperation”

Established by the National Cooperative Business Association, the Cooperative Hall of Fame honors those distinguished individuals whose contributions to cooperative business have been genuinely heroic. Inductees are limited to a prestigious group carefully selected to preserve the nature of this special recognition. It is a distinct honor to be inducted into the Cooperative Hall of Fame.

The Cooperative Hall of Fame is housed in the offices of the National Cooperative Business Association in Washington, DC, where a permanent collection of commemorative plaques tells of the contributions made by each inductee. In addition, this website highlights each inductee and their many contributions to cooperatives.

The Cooperative Development Foundation (CDF) administers the Cooperative Hall of Fame. Nominations are received annually and reviewed by a screening and a selection committee, each composed of current leaders from the various sectors of the U.S. cooperative movement.

The Cooperative Hall of Fame induction ceremony is also a major fundraising event for CDF. It is fitting that the occasion to bestow the highest honor of the cooperative community on those individuals who have selflessly given of their lives to promote cooperatives, is also a vehicle to raise funds to perpetuate their work and life-long commitment.