Nominations Open for Shared Capital Co-op’s Board of Directors

Be part of the the cooperative economy and Build Economic Democracy as a board member of Shared Capital.

Nominations are now being accepted for the Shared Capital Cooperative Board of Directors. Nominations close at 5 pm Central Time on Monday, April 1. The board election will be held virtually from April 8 to April 22.

For 2024, there are six board seats open; five seats are open for representatives of Shared Capital’s cooperative members (all three year terms, with one seat having a one-year term) and one seat is open for Shared Capital individual members (two years left on this term). Co-op seat candidates must be nominated by a member of Shared Capital. Individual seat candidates must be individual members of Shared Capital as of March 20, 2024. No more than two representatives from any member co-op may serve on the Shared Capital board at the same time.

Shared Capital seeks a diverse pool of candidates representing different backgrounds, experiences and geographic regions. Many different skills and expertise levels add value to our board, including knowledge and experience in cooperative governance, finance, lending, investing, law, marketing, member engagement, cooperative development and CDFIs. Most importantly we are looking for people who are committed to our mission and our work and are able to participate fully on the board and at least one committee.

Interested in running? Check out the candidate statement form and endorsement form on our website. There’s also a board job description. People interested in running for a cooperative seat on the board must be endorsed by a cooperative that is a member in good standing of Shared Capital. In the case of the Individual seat, you must be an individual member in good standing as of March 20th and no endorsement form is needed.

Shared Capital Cooperative is a CDFI loan fund that is committed to building economic democracy by investing in cooperative enterprises. Shared Capital is a cooperative association owned by over 300 cooperatives throughout the U.S. Members include worker-owned co-ops, housing co-ops, small farmer co-ops, purchasing co-ops and retail grocery co-ops. Shared Capital has an eleven-member Board of Directors elected by the members of Shared Capital. Ten of the seats represent Shared Capital’s cooperative members and one seat represents Shared Capital’s individual members. Members must be in good standing as of March 1 to vote in the election.

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