Special Meeting

First and foremost,
Thank You for taking the time to participate in our Special Member Vote in July. We reached quorum easily and our Q and A session was a great discussion among members and staff. Nothing means more than to us than your input and we appreciate the pieces of feedback to streamline the process, too.

Secondly, the votes are in! Here is a summary of the results:

  • Of 269 Co-op Members, 43 voted (16%) and of 108 Individual Members, 34 voted (31%) – both of these numbers surpassed our 10% needed from each class for quorum
  • The articles amendment passed nearly unanimously with one “no” vote and no abstentions
  • Accepting past Annual Meeting Minutes passed with 69 “yes” votes, 1 “no” vote and 7 abstentions

Again, thank you for being an active part of Shared Capital Cooperative. If you have questions about the Special Member Vote or the results, email info@sharedcapital.coop or call 612-767-2100.