Annual Meeting & Cooperative Forum

Thank you!

Thanks to all our members, speakers, sponsors and supporters for a successful annual meeting and co-op forum.

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Meet the Speakers of the 2018 Co-op Forum

Lucha L. Silva  

Lucha is an MS in Oriental Medicine, is the Alternate Administrator and President of the Board of Directors of E-Quality Home Care Co-op, a worker-owned cooperative serving a tri-county area in South Central Texas. In 1999, she received her first training in specialized in-home care for children with special needs and for the next 14 years implemented continuity of care under the direction of physicians, nurses and therapists.

In 2003, Lucha completed her studies in Oriental Medicine and became a licensed practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Albuquerque, NM. She maintained a small practice, providing intake, diagnosis, therapeutic planning and treatment of adult patients seeking acupuncture and complementary medical care, while continuing to work with special needs children through the Albuquerque Public Schools.

Lucha moved with her infant son to Texas in 2012 to be near family. An adamant supporter of the principles embodied in worker-owned cooperatives, she began working with eQuality in 2015 as a caregiver, eventually working her way up the proverbial ladder, greatly improving her situation as a single-mom.

Patrick Martin

Patrick’s construction, design and management experience began in 1990 which ranges from custom furniture to timber framing to general construction. Along the way he also mastered the computer and his expertise in hardware and software, as they relate to construction, has furthered his breadth and depth within A-1 Builders.

Prior to joining the trades, Patrick spent 10 years in the field of wilderness-based experiential education, teaching for Outward Bound, WWU’s Huxley College, and the American Alpine Institute.Patrick started off at A-1 Builders in 2004 as a Project Manager. Turn the clock ahead to the summer of 2011 and Patrick became our Production Manager as well. He now manages the production of A-1.

During the summer of 2015 Patrick birthed the idea that led to the design and construction of a Community Bike Repair & Information Station. Patrick was part of the 10 years of study led to the conversion of the company into a worker owned cooperative in July of 2017 along with five other founding members.

Peter Ibik

Peter is the President of the MontCo Union Taxi Co-op  the president of Montgomery County Professional Drivers Union, a local chapter of National Taxi Workers Alliance of AFL/CIO of Washington, DC. He is a founding member of the Union Co-op that is taking-on the sect industry’s low wages, high credit card fees and competition from unregulated driving services.