2020 Annual General Member Meeting

Thank you to all our members and supporters for making such a great event possible.

Board, staff, members and supporters gathered for a short business meeting and our Annual Cooperative Forum. We reported on activities, announced board election results and discussed our performance and impact. If you would like to see our presentation, click here. You can also see our 2019 Annual Report here.

The Federation of Southern Cooperatives supporting members through COVID-19.

After our business meeting, we held our Annual Cooperative Forum. This year’s Forum featured cooperatives’ resilience, innovation and inspiration in how they continue to serve their members and their communities during the pandemic, including Cooperative Home Care Associates, Oxbow Design Build, Union Cab of Madison Cooperative, Green Top Grocery and the Federation of Southern Cooperatives.
Their stories included Opportunity Threads Collective Copies Willy Street Co-op and others.