2022 Annual Member Meeting and Cooperative Forum

Thank you for attending! 

We were delighted to see so many borrowers, members, and supporters join us for our Annual General Meeting. Did you miss it? Click here to see our slideshow and here to see the recorded video.

The event included:
– A brief report on our activities and impact
– Our Annual Co-op Forum, featuring a conversation about democracy in our co-op and our new investment opportunities
– Breakout sessions on our new investment opportunities, meeting new board members, a financial deep dive and more

We shared our impact over the past year including that in 2021, Shared Capital:

• Grew our fund to over $21 million
• Closed 19 new loans and investments totaling $2,840,800
• 97% of our financing went to co-ops owned by people of color, low-income communities, women and LGBTQ
• 66% of financing to co-op owned by women
• 42% of financing to co-ops owned by people of color
• 46 jobs created; 165 jobs maintained (FTEs)
• Launched new national Direct Public Offering to make investing in co-ops easier. Check it out: SharedCapital.coop/Invest

Want to hear about 2020? You can see the 2021 Business Meeting and our Annual Co-op Forum by clicking here. You can also see our compiled meeting minutes from 2008 to 2021 here.