• We’re hiring! Shared Capital Cooperative seeks a Program Manager who will advance our racial justice and equity work. Click the image for more.

  • Invest in a Cooperative Economy

    Join a 40-Year track record of providing capital to finance cooperative expansions, start-ups and conversions.

  • Thank you for coming to our Annual General Member Meeting and Cooperative Forum

    Did you miss our annual meeting? Click on the image to see our slideshow and more.

  • Welcome to our newly elected board members

    Congratulations to the winners of the 2022 democratically elected board members Anna Boyer, Julie Ristau and Charity Schmidt

  • Borrow. And Build the Cooperative Economy.

    Check out our recent loans, who can borrow and more by clicking the image.

  • Shared Stories – A video series by Shared Capital

    Through Shared Stories, our members tell their stories of cooperation – how they joined together to meet needs and create impact.

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Flipping the script on who has power and who benefits in our economy

Shared Capital Cooperative is a lending and investment fund for co-ops of all types and sizes. Unlike banks we are cooperatively owned and managed by the co-ops that borrow from and invest in us. So, our borrowers and investors experience truly cooperative finance—generating grassroots community wealth while building social, environmental, economic and racial justice.